To Fear Is To Fail

Of the 5000 or so ad messages your average punter sees every day, only about 4% are ever remembered.

200 messages out of 5000. Not many.

If you’ve got a lot riding on a campaign that’s a pretty low hit rate.

Getting into that top 200 isn’t going to easy. 

You’re going to have to fight your way in.

And your competition is pretty formidable. 

In any minute of any given day you’re going to have to overcome what’s really consuming the attention of your intended target: Life.

“Can I make the next car payment?”

“What happens if the results come back positive?” 

“Is that idiot about to pull out in front of me?” 

“Is my wife having an affair?” 

“What’s for dinner?” 

“Crap, it’s my day to pick up the kids from school.”

In this kind of environment, safe isn’t going to cut it.

It’s not enough to simply place you ad in their general vicinity and hope for the best.

You’re going to have to jump out in front of them and interrupt what they’re doing.

Tell them something fascinating, intriguing, meaningful, challenging, even outrageous.

And do it with charm, wit, the element of surprise, and a capacity for laughter, joy and tears.

It’ll take courage but it’ll get you noticed.

That’s what the 4% of remember advertising does.

Does yours?

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